Need to Know Facts

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Jobs We Do

The Professional Post Hole Guy caters to most post hole, and deck footing related jobs. We specialize in Dig & Set, Pull & Reset, Fixing Leaning or Broken Posts, Wrought Iron Posts,  Repair Decking Footings, Dig & Set deck footings, Bollards, and some Custom Cages.

Your First Step

Before you call, your first step will be to measure your yard to see approximately how many posts/deck footings you will need (total distance of yard divided by 8).

 Before We Dig

Before we can come and complete the job the underground utility locates need to be called. Once all underground utility locates come in the job can then be completed. The Professional Post Hole Guy will/ can call for the locates prior to the job being completed.

Fence Posts/Broken Post/Deck Footings/ Bollards

Fence post are set every 8 feet, or divided equally if you have an uneven number.

You also need to mark the centre, every 8 ft (with an x spray paint or stake) where the hole will be dug .

 We will drill and cement 8″ holes and footings,  10″ holes and footings, and 12″ holes, 18″ holes for post and deck footings.

If you have broken or leaning fence post(s), we provide pull and resets/repairs.

We will need a 34″ clearance for the equipment to gain access to your drill site, and to maneuver around the work site.

If for any reason the machine cannot be used, we also provide hand digging.

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