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Our employees have over 20 years experience installing posts for fences, decks, bollard, chain link, wrought iron, and flagpoles etc.

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The Professional Post Hole Guy provides Post hole drilling/digging and setting for Residential, Commercial and Industrial properties.

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Fence Post Installed in Cement



Deck Footing Sizes 12", 10", 8" 6" ft




3.5-4' Deep Holes





Fence Post Dug & Set In Cement

The Professional Post Hole Guy services the following areas: Brampton, Mississauga, Oakville, Milton, Georgetown, Caledon, Toronto, Vaughn, Markham, New Market, Bolton, North York, Woodbridge, Etobicoke, Ajax, Pickering, and Whitby.

The Professional Post Hole Guy has expertise in drilling various size holes for posts and deck footings; 8", 10",12", 18". The Professional Post Hole Guy provides the concrete for all post installation; for deck footings the sono tubes and saddles are provided as well. The holes are auger drilled with a tractor which gives you perfectly round holes, this will prevent heaving, with the freeze and thaw. The tractor which is used to drilled the holes are equipped with turf tires which do not damage lawns. The Professional Post Hole Guy will also hand dig holes for areas which are not accessible by the tractor which requires a 34" clearance.

Our trained crew will ensure posts are installed straight and built to last, which will add value to your property.

The Professional Post Hole Guy drills holes 3.5 - 4' deep, this depth is below the frost line and will prevent the post from heaving and shifting due to the freeze and thaw cycle.If for what ever reason The Professional Post Hole Guy cannot get down to the agreed upon depth, the customer will be notify before work is completed.

If you need an idea for deck design The Professional Post Hole Guy suggests looking at www.deck.com